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"The Maharat Center" is one of the unique educational centers that teaches Arabic language for native and non-native speaker childrens. The Maharat center, which is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is very popular with students from prominent private schools in Bahrain, as it accepts non-speaking children to learn a second language in addition to the mother tongue. As for the native speakers, they aim to obtain a correct foundation in the Arabic language and to obtain an advanced level in the Arabic language as a main subject in the school. Unlike the traditional method of teaching Arabic, the Student Skills Center follows the language cheerfully. They will listen to nasheeds, dance and use educational games. Our teaching methodology is based on a combination of educational strategies, including: Multiple intelligences, Montessori, learning by playing, learning by doing, emotional intelligence, social behavioral intelligence, and she says they are keen to provide a safe environment It is friendly to children and education in an atmosphere full of fun and fun. Starting in June 2020, he presented his own experience in distance education via the Internet.